The Bottomless Pit                                                12/12/2008


      First read               Rev 12:7-12  There was war in heaven; it was a real spiritual battle.

                                     It was a spiritual battle for the souls of men.


1    When was Satan cast out of heaven?   Rev 12:7-8   Let us find out.

      Luke 11:21-23      Christ will be disarming Satan and will plunder his house, through evangelism.

      John 12:31-33      Satan will be defeated when Christ has been crucified.

      Col 2:15                 At the cross Satan was defeated and plundered: Past tense.

      Heb 2:7-8              When Christ ascended into heaven God has put all things under His feet, and God left nothing that is not put under Him, and that includes Satan.

      Heb 2:14               At the cross Satan was totally defeated: Past tense.

      Heb 10:11-13       At the ascension of Christ war against Satan began to cast him out of heaven.

      II Pet 2:4                Satan and his demons have been cast down: Past tense.


2    Where was Satan before he was cast out?   Rev 12:7   In heaven.

      Job 1:6-7               Satan was free to roam on earth as well as in Heaven.

      Luke 10:17-18      He was still in Heaven.   This was a proleptical vision.

      Rev 12:10              He was called "the accuser of our brethren". This was the reason why he was still in heaven, for the sins of the souls in heaven had not been atoned for yet.


3    Where was he cast down to?   Rev 12:9   He was cast down to this earth.

      II Pet 2:4                Into Tartarus, and delivered into chains of darkness, until judgment day.

                                     Tartarus symbolizes the dominion of Satan.

      Jude 6                    Into chains of darkness, until judgment day.

      Rev 20:1-3            Into the Bottomless Pit, until the final tribulation period just before judgment day.


4    What was the reason he was cast out?   Rev 12:11   It was the blood of the Lamb.

      Gen 3:15               This battle and the outcome of it was prophesied.

      Isa 14:12-14          Lucifer had "a perfect plan" to be like God.

      Rom 6:23a            The wages of sin is death.

      Ezek 18:4,20        The soul that sinneth it shall die.


5    What was the result of casting him out?   Rev 12:10   Now has come salvation.

      Matt 12:29-30       Satan bound; not able to stop the progress of the Gospel. (God so loved the world)

      Acts 2:41,47         One sermon and about 3000 are saved; Satan is not able to stop this.

      Rev 20:1-3            Satan was spiritually bound with chains of darkness: means struck with stupidity.

      Rev 8:13, 12:12    Woe to the inhabiters of the earth.


6    If Satan is now bound and in hell, how does he still rule this world?   He is here with us.

      I Pet 5:8                 He is roaming about in this world, seeking whom he can deceive.

      Eph 6:12                He is the ruler of all that are in darkness in this world.

      Eph 2:2                  He is "the prince of the power of the air"; this world is his kingdom.

      Therefore:           The Bottomless Pit is here; it is this sin cursed earth!                                         


7    What does it mean to be in hell, in the Bottomless Pit, or under God's wrath?   Total depravity.

      John 8:34,43-44   Whoever commits sin is a slave of sin, and is a slave of his father the devil.

      Rom 3:10-12         There is none that seeks after God; no not one; not on God's terms.

      Eph 2:1-3              We all were by nature children of wrath, even as others who remain unsaved.

      Therefore:           People are justly under the wrath of God because they sin voluntarily!         

                                     And they sin voluntarily because they are totally depraved.



8    Is there hell now, or is hell created later ?   To be in hell is to be under the wrath of God.

      a.      Hell now is a condition, and now there is still a key.

      Rev 1:18                I have the keys of hell and of death.

      Matt 12:40             Christ, while under the wrath of God was "in the heart of the earth".

      Eph 4:9                  Christ, while under the wrath of God was "in the lower parts of the earth".

      John 3:36              Unsaved people are under the wrath of God right now; God does not love them.

      Rom 1:18-32         The wrath of God is already revealed right now: "God gave them up" to their sins.


      b.      Hell later is a place, and Christ will throw away the key.

      II Thess 1:7-9        There will be a place called hell, to be created on judgment day.

      Rev 20:15              It is a place of physical torment, like a "Lake of Fire".

      Rev 14:11              The smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever.

      Mark 9:43-48        Where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched.

      Matt 25:41             The everlasting fire, having been prepared for the devil and his messengers has already been prepared, but is presently still empty.


9    Is there a way out of the Bottomless Pit?   Only by unconditional election.

      Matt 16:18             That is why "the gates of hell" shall not prevail against us when we receive the call.

      Eph 2:4-7              When we were saved we were rescued out of the Bottomless Pit.

      Eph 4:7-8              Grace: the gift of salvation. Therefore "He led captivity captive" out of the B. Pit.

      Col 1:13                 We have been translated out of the Bottomless Pit.

      Therefore:           When Adam sinned he fell out of favor with God; he fell under the wrath of God,

                                     into enslavement to Satan, and into the Bottomless Pit,

                                     and thus we all were born there, as willing slaves of Satan.

      Therefore:           The way out of the Bottomless Pit is only by the grace of God, through the cross of Christ, and not by our own strength. This means: Only if God elects us unto salvation, and Christ died for us 2000 years ago, can we be saved.


10  What does it mean that Satan will be loosed for a while ?  Rev 12:12  Woe to those on the earth.

      Rev 12:9                For the master deceiver is now doing his utmost, since he has but a short time.

      Rev 12:17              He is making war with the saints.

      Rev 13:7                And he is victorious over them.

      Rev 13:15              He is able to make the witness of the saints totally ineffective.

      II Thess 2:10-14    Look at the contrasts: Therefore watch out what you believe and whom you believe



      "The Pit" in the Old Testament                                                                                                                  

      What can we apply from this study of the "Bottomless Pit" when we read the Old Testament?

There are 12 Hebrew words that have been translated into the English "Pit".

      Let us just take one of these twelve and work this out as an example:

It is the Hebrew word "Bor" <0953>, which occurs 69 times in the Old Testament and which has not always been translated "Pit". The word "Bor" has been translated "Pit" 42 times.

      Not always should we look for a spiritual meaning in all these 42 times. But the word "Bor" <0953> definitely refers to Hell in a number of places.

For example, it definitely refers to hell in:

Isaiah 14:15

Isaiah 14:19

Isaiah 51:1

Ezekiel 31:14,16

Ezekiel 32:18,23,24,25,29,30

whereas it may refer to the grave or to hell in:

Isaiah 24:22

Isaiah 38:18


Therefore, when we read

Gen 37:20 and the following verses,

we can see that this is a picture of Christ in His Atonement.


Consider also the word “Pit” in some of the Messianic Psalms:

Psalm 28:1

Psalm 30:3

Psalm 40:2

Psalm 88:4

Psalm 88:6

Psalm 143:7

Prov 28:17

All these verses contain the word "Bor" <0953>.