For He Told Them That He Was A Jew F.Y.I. CORNER


HAMAN - name meaning celebrated human.


Casting of PUR - poor, to crush; a lot by means of a broken piece, to determine the date of the Jews mass murder.


PUR - A Jewish festival celebrated on the 13th and 14th day in the month of Adar, commemorating the deliverance of the Jews from the wicked plot of Haman.


10,000 TALENTS OF SILVER - at least $360,000,000 in current monetary value.


SEAL of a Signet Ring - authority or ownership, literally and figuratively.

1.        After Esther became queen, where was Mordecai positioned? (Esther 2:21)

         What information did Mordecai find out?

2.        After Mordecai told Esther, what eventually happened? (2:23)

3.        Who was promoted by King Ahasuerus above all the princes? (3:1)

4.        What did the king command his servants to do? (3:2)

5.        Who did not bow or give him reverence? (vs. 3)

6.        What reason did Mordecai have to give for not obeying the kings command? How angry was Haman at Mordecai? (vs. 6)

7.        How long did it take Haman to devise this plan? (vs. 7)

         How did he do it? (9:24)

8.        When Haman went to the king with his plan, of what did he accuse a certain people? (vs. 8)

9.        After the king allowed Haman to do what seemed good, how much time was given before the action would take place? (vs. 12-13)

10.     What did the letters say would take place on the 13th day in the month of Adar? (vs. 13)

11.     How did the city of Shushan react? (vs. 15)


That I May Know the Proof



1.        All Mordecai had to do was to bow and reverence Haman and none of this would seem to come about. Who else refused to bow down? (Daniel 3:12)

2.        DISCUSS: What are some ways we have given in to and bowed down to the ways of the world around us?

3.        Are most of us guilty of partial obedience? Explain:

         Can we use Romans 7:22-23 as an excuse? Compare to 6:14-18.

4.        How obedient does God want us to be? (II Cor. 2:9)



5. List two additional reasons for obedience:


I Peter 2:12, 15 1) 2)

6.        Did Mordecai seem to understand and follow I Peter 2:13-17? Explain:


         When did Mordecai draw the line?



NEXT TIME Read Esther 4 prior to the study.





...They may by your good works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation. -I Peter 2:12

The Years of Exile

Esther 3

A Biblical Study


   Pray for the desire of complete obedience.