The Years of Exile A Biblical Study

Esther 2






Book of ESTHER - one of the last of historical books of the OT, written approx. 400 BC; Peculiarities of the book: no mention of the name of God, the lack of any direct religious teaching and no mention of prayer; Author unknown.


MYRRH - used 14 times in the OT, 8 times in the Song of Solomon; one of the most valuable gum resins; a pale yellow gum that oozes from the shrub like tree, solidifying into dark red or black; this aromatic gum was sold as a spice or medicine.



She Required Nothing


1.        After King Ahasuerus anger had subsided, what did his servants offer to find? (vs. 2)

2.        What would be given to them? (vs. 3)

         Where would they stay?

3.        Who was Mordecai? (vs. 5-7)

         Est. 2:5 -

         Est. 2:6 -

         Est. 2:7 -

4.        Which young woman was brought to this house of women in the palace? (vs. 8)

5.        What did Mordecai warn her not to do? (vs. 10)

6.        How many months did it take for the women to complete the things for purifications? (vs. 12)

7.        When each woman was finally sent to meet the king, what could she bring with her? (vs. 13)

8.        Where were the women brought after they had been with the king, if they were not chosen by the king? (vs. 14)

9.        When it was Esthers turn to be with the king, what did she bring with her? (vs. 15)

10.     Who found favor and grace in the sight of the king and was given the royal crown? (vs. 17)

11.     Where was Mordecai placed? (vs. 19)

12.     What character trait of Esther is specified, even after she became queen? (vs. 20) ...Esther did the commandment of _____________, like when she was ____________ ______ with him.



VERSE OF THE WEEK Colossians 1:26


Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to . -Colossians 1:26

God Moves in a Mysterious Way

1.        How many years took place from the time Queen Vashti was dethroned to the time Esther became queen? Esther 1:3; 2:16

2.        How long did Esther have to wait from the time she entered the palace to the time she was called in to see the king? 2:12,16

3.        What would have happened to her if she wasnt picked? 2:14


4.        Wouldnt this be a perfect time to help God out a little and make herself more desirable? Did she? 2:15

5.        What kind of marriage did God move through to perform His will? A) ungodly vs. godly B) godly vs. godly

6.        If you were Mordecai, would you allow your daughter to be married to this king?

         How did Mordecai and Esther know that this was Gods will?

7.        EXPLORE the mystery of Gods ways:

         Ephesians 1:9; 6:19; Colossians 1:26-27; 2:2-3; Romans 8:28; I Timothy 3: 9,16; Revelation 10:7

8.        What comfort can be found in Psalter Blue Hymnal #461?



   Thank the Lord for His mercy in the revealing of the mystery of His will to His own.

   Pray for faith in perseverance and trust as we wait for the will of God to be accomplished.


NEXT TIME Read Esther 3 prior to the study.