The Years of Exile

Esther 4

A Biblical Study



Who Knoweth Whether Thou Art Come?


1.        What did Mordecai do when he heard what was to happen? (Esther 4:1)

2.        Where else did Mordecai present himself this way? (vs. 2)

         What was the law concerning sackcloth?

3.        What was happening in every province where the decree had gone out? (vs. 3)

4.        What did Esther try to do about Mordecais behavior? (vs. 4)

5.        When all the information was relayed to Esther of what Haman had done, what did Mordecai want her to do? (vs. 8)

6.        Why didnt Esther appear to like this idea? (vs. 11)

7.        How did Mordecai respond? (vs. 13)

8.        What are Mordecais words of faith? (vs. 14) And who _____________ whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a _______ as __________.

9.        What did Esther ask Mordecai and all the Jews in Shushan to do with her? (vs. 16)

         What did she say? ...and if I ____________, I ______________.




SACKCLOTH - a course, dark cloth made of goats hair.


ASHES - were sprinkled on a person as a sign of mourning, in addition to the wearing of sackcloth (Jeremiah 6:26)


CRY - (2201) a shriek or outcry


SCEPTRE - a rod held in the hands of kings as a sign of authority. Additional examples: 1) The name of Christ (Numbers 24:17). 2) Gods kingdom (Psalm 45:6). 3) Christ mocked (Matthew 27:29)

Put Thou My Tears into Thy Bottle


Although there is no mention of God or of prayer in the book of Esther, we see a clear example of how Gods people are drawn to Him in the time of affliction.

1.        Mordecai cried with a loud and a bitter cry. Read of other instances that describe this crying out.

         Psalm 56:8-9

         Psalm 142:5-7

         Luke 18:7

2.        Sackcloth and ashes brought a public message of mourning. DISCUSS: Does it appear Esther wanted to cover up Mordecais sorrow with raiment? Why does human nature want to hide sorrow? What was Esthers opposite response later on?

3.        Mordecai said to Esther, who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this. He too, wasnt sure of the will of God. What encouragement can we find during this difficult time of uncertainty?

         Micah 7:5,7

         Isaiah 40:31

4.        Esther concluded, If I perish, I perish. Is this an example of a lack of faith or total submission to the will of God? Explain:




And thou shalt know that I am the Lord: for they shall not be shamed that wait for Me. -Isaiah 49:23b



   Pray that we may remain faithful as we wait for Gods will to take place.