A Biblical Study

The Years of Exile


Esther 5-6





FAVOUR - (2580) grace


GALLOW - a pole for executing and exhibiting a victim by impalement; made 75 feet high for Modecai by Haman.


CHRONICLES - in Hebrew The words (affairs) of the day meaning The annals.



...The Man Whom the King Delighteth to Honour


1.        What happened when Esther appeared before the king? (Esther 5:2)

2.        What did the king offer her? (vs. 3)

3.        What did Esther ask of the king? (vs. 4)

4.        While at the banquet, what did the king offer Esther? (vs. 6)

5.        What did Esther ask of him instead? (vs. 8)


6.        As he left, when was Hamans joyful heart changed into disgust? (vs. 9)

7.        What did Haman tell his wife and friends when he got home? (vs. 11-12)

8.        When Haman said all this meant nothing, what did his wife recommend? (vs. 14)

9.        What happened that night? (6:1-2)

         What was read to him?

10.     What did the king realize? (6:3)

11.     When the king needed advice, who happened to be standing outside his door? (vs. 4)

         What was he going to ask the king?

12.     When the king asked how to honor a man, about whom did Haman think he was talking? (vs. 6)

13.     Read Hamans suggestion: (vs. 8-9)

14.     After the king thought this was an excellent idea, to whom was this honor actually given? (vs. 10)

         By whom!?

15.     How did Haman go home? (vs. 12)

16.     What happened while Haman was yet talking to his wife and friends of the events of the day? (vs. 14)



As for God, His Way is Perfect


1.        Was Esther just lucky when she obtained the kings favor? Proverbs 21:1

2.        What have we learned if it wouldnt have worked out this way and a child of God doesnt obtain favor in a situation? Daniel 3:17-18

3.        King Ahasuerus made an incredible offer to Esther of half his kingdom. When was the same offer made? Mark 6:23

         Compare Gods gift to His elect: Hebrews 1:2; Romans 8:16-17

         Esther could have spilled the beans at the first banquet, but she waited on the Lord. In retrospect, an amazing turn of events took place between the first and second banquets. DISCUSS: Why is it so important to wait for Gods time?

         Why are we often guilty of not waiting? Ecclesiastes 3:1,7,11

4. What is the acceptable time?

         Psalm 69:13; Isaiah 49:8; II Cor. 6:2

5. For whom is the love of God perfected?

         I John 2:5



As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him. -Psalm 18:30





   Thank the Lord for the perfect timing of His will.

   Pray that we earnestly wait upon the Lord while reading His word for direction in our lives.