The Years of Exile

Esther 7-8

A Biblical Study




NISAN 13 - the first month of the Jewish religious calendar; Hamans letter sent out to kill the Jews.

SIVAN 23 - the 3rd month of the year; Mordecais letter went out

ADAR 13 - the 12th month; day of destruction; vengeance



FEAR (Heb. 6343) - a sudden alarm, dreadful, great terror.


FEAR (Heb. 3373) to revere; fearing; to make afraid.


AVENGE (Heb. 5358) - to grudge, punish, revenge


AVENGE (Gr.1556) - to vindicate, retaliate, punish


DAY - (Heb. 3117) to be hot


The Jews Should Be Ready Against That Day THE FEAR OF THE J

1.        At the second banquet, what did Esther ask of the king? (7: 3)

2.        What did her explanation mean? (vs. 4)

3.        When the king asked who was this enemy, what was Esthers response? (vs. 6)

4.        As the king left the room in anger, what did Haman stand up to do? (vs. 7)

5.        As he fell on the bed near Esther begging for mercy, what did the king think Haman was trying to do next? (vs. 8)

6.        To pacify the kings wrath, what was done to Haman? (vs. 10)

7.        What did the king give to Esther? (8:1)

8.        What did the king give to Mordecai? (8:2)

9.        What was Esthers second request? (8:5)

         What was her conclusion? (8:6)

10.     What was the law about the writing sealed with the kings ring? (8:8)

11.     Upon permission, what was in the letter sealed by the kings ring written by Mordecai? (8:11)

12.     What would the Jews be allowed to do on the 13th day of the month of Adar? (8:13)

13.     Read of the joy and gladness expressed in 8:15-16. What happened as a result?




Shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?

-Luke 18:7


Vengeance is Mine Saith the Lord

1.        Esther 8:17 speaks of the fear of the Jews that fell upon the people. When was a similar fear (6343) of the Jews found? Psalm 105:38

2.        What exactly is this fear (6343)? Proverbs 1:27-33; Isaiah 24:17-20

3.        Compare this to the fear (3373) of the Lord: Proverbs 1:7; 8:13; 16:6

         List examples of those who lived with the fear of the Lord: Job 1:1; Jonah 1:9; Jeremiah 26:19

4.        What instruction is a child of God given concerning fear (6343)? Proverbs 3:25-26

5.        In Esther 8:13, the Jews were told to be ready to avenge themselves against that day. What can we learn about that day? Isaiah 24:21-23

6.        After the cross, does a child of God need to avenge himself? Romans 12:19-21

         Why? Deuteronomy 32:35-43

7.        What is the comfort for a child of God? Luke 18:7-8

8.        What are the saints crying out? Revelation 6:10, 17


Pray that the Lord will be our Avenger.