Who were / are the sheep of God’s pasture?

What was / is the pasture representing?

How were / are they destroyed and scattered?


They have not “numbered” them. What does that mean?

Who are Jehovah Elohim of Israel?

How is God going to visit the evil of their doings?


How was / is God going to gather the remnant of His flock?

Why does God say; “I have driven them’?

Why are there plural folds?

How are they going to be fruitful and increase?


What do they feed the sheep?

Who shall they fear no more?

Neither shall they be “numbered”.  What does that mean?


Who is the righteous Branch?

Why unto David? And not unto Abraham, or unto Israel, or unto Judah?

Who is the King who shall reign and “act wisely”?

How shall He “do” judgment and “righteousness” in the earth?


How shall Judah be saved in His days?

How shall Israel dwell safely in His days?

Was this the name whereby He was called: Jehovah Tsidqenuw?

Why not?  What was the name whereby He was called?

What is the meaning of JEHOVAH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS?

What has this to do with the Gospel?