Jeremiah 25 Part 1      


§  Jeremiah 25 is an earthshaking chapter

What happened in the fourth year of Jehoiakim? (Jer 25:1)

Where in the Bible is that found? 



§  Did Jeremiah speak to ALL the people of Judah? (Jer 25:2)

From the 13th year of Josiah ® the 23rd year (Jer 25:3)

How do you reconcile this arithmetic?

Did anyone hearken, or believe him? Why not?



§  Whom did the Lord send? (Jer 25:4)

There were six recorded who prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon.









§  What did the prophets say? (Jer 25:5, Isa 55:6-7, Jer 4:1, 7:3-7, 35:15)

Every one?                  Was that required?

Why would God be angry with Judah and not with the heathen? (Jer 25:6)

Why does God use these words: “Provoke me to anger”? (Jer 25:6-7)



§  Because ye have not heard my words.  What words? (Jer 25;8)

Behold, I will send and take all the families of the North (Jer 25:9)

What have “families” to do with this warfare?

Is the peace of God conditional?

What is God’s intent with the message of verses 5-9?

Who is going to get hurt? (Prov 8:36)



§  Why is Nebuchadnezzar called “My servant”? (Jer 25:9)

Because ye have not heard my words, I will destroy this land, and all these nations round about.

What is God’s logic for doing that?