Jeremiah 25            Part 2


Take the wine cup of this fury from My Hand

What is “this fury” referring to?

Which nations are going to experience God’s wrath? (Jer 25:26)

Why is God angry after 70 years?


They shall shake themselves

They shall praise (or glory, or boast) themselves (2 Thess 2:9-12)

Because of the sword that God will send among them

What sword is this?


Jer 25:16 And they shall drink <08354> (8804), and be moved <01607> (8707) and be mad <01984> (8703), because <06440> of the sword <02719> that I will send <07971> (8802) among them.


01984 llh halal haw-lal’


a primitive root, Greek 239 allhlouia; TWOT-499,500; v

AV-praise 117, glory 14, boast 10, mad 8, shine 3, foolish 3, fools 2, commended 2, rage 2, celebrate 1, give 1, marriage 1, renowned 1; 165


08703 Stem-Hithpoel            See 08823 > See Hithpael 08819

            Mood-Imperative            See 08810






08819 Hithpael

a)     This form primarily expresses a “reflexive” action of Qal or Piel

Qal                  Hithpael

he wore            he dressed himself

he washed            he washed himself

he fell             he flung himself, he fell upon, he attacked


b)     It expresses a reciprocal action.


they saw                 they looked upon one another

they whispered             they whispered to one another




Who do all the nations represent?

What are they drinking? (Ref……)

Does this reflect the affection of a heavenly Father? (Luke 11:11-13)


How extensive is this desolation?

Is this a clue: “as it is this day”?

Pharaoh and all his people (Jer 25:19)

Who do they represent?


All the kings of the land of Uz (East) (Ref…..)

      All the kings of the land of the Philistines (Immigrants from Caphtor)

      Why a specific mention of four of the Philistine cities??


The kings of Tyre, Zidon, and the Isles beyond the sea (Jer 25:22) (Far West)

Dedan, Tema, Buz (Jer 25:23)

And all that are in the utmost corners.  How many are that?


All the kings of the evening people that dwell in the wilderness

All the kings of Zimri, Elam, and the Medes (Jer 25:25) (In the North)


Does this include the USA?

Who is the king of Sheshach? (Jer 51:41)


The expression “Jehovah of the Armies, Elohim of Israel” occurs 34 times in the Bible.  1x in Isa 21:10, 1x in Zeph 2:9, and 32x in Jeremiah

Who are “them”?

What are they going to be drunk with?

What is that sword that God will send?