Jeremiah Ch. 28


·        In the same year.  What year was this? (Jer 28:1)



Did Hananiah bring good tidings of great joy? (Jer 28:2-4)




·        To whom did all the prophets bring evil tidings? (Jer 28:5-9)



1Kings 14:15, 17:1, 22:17, Isa 1:3ff, 5:5-7, 6:8-10, Jer 1:9-10, 28:8, Ezek 2:1-5, Dan 4:24-25, Hos 4:1ff, Joel 1:2ff, Am 1:2ff, Ob 2ff, Mic 1:2ff, Nah 1:2ff, Hab 1:6ff, Zeph 1:2ff, Hag 2:6-7



·        Why would God do this? Would God bring evil tidings to His elect?


All nations.  The word “all” <03605> means: “all, or the whole, or totality, or everything”



·        What is the meaning of bonds and yokes of iron? (Jer 28:12-14, Deut 28:48, Psalm 149:7-9)


What are bonds and yokes for?



·        What is the sign of a true prophet of the Lord? (Jer 28:15-17, Deut 18:20-22)


Do we always have to wait until we see the prophecy come to pass? (Deut 13:1-11)