Jeremiah Ch. 29


·        A letter from Jeremiah to a large contingent of captives in Babylon (Jer 29:1-3)

What happened in the year 609 BC?

What happened in the year 598 BC? (2 Kings 24:8-17)

What happened in the year 539 BC?


·        Who caused them to be carried away? (Jer 29:4-9)

The message is: Patience!

Do not endanger your future by rash actions

Have patience in God’s tomorrow


·        Four groups of people:

Those already in captivity (Jer 29:10-14)

Those about to follow them (Jer 29:15-19)

Two false prophets in Babylon: Ahab and Zedekiah (Jer 29:20-23)

One false prophet in Babylon: Shemaiah (Jer 29:24-32)


·        What were the Babylonian captives to do? (Jer 29:7, Matt 5:13-16)

The matter of messages from God through dreams (Jer 29:8)

Do they speak what the people want to hear? (Isa 30:9-11)


·        After 70 years be accomplished at Babylon (Jer 29:10, 25:11-12)

When did Nebuchadnezzar begin his conquests?

Was the fourth year of Jehoiakim in 605 BC?

What is the meaning of the 70 years?


·        Like Hananiah, so Shemiah (Jer 29:30-32)

How does God define “rebellion”?

Was Jehovah accessible to them who were in Babylon? (Ezek 11:14-21)