Jeremiah 30


  • The good that I will do for My people (Jer 29:32c)

A gleam of light (Jer 12:15, 16:14-15, 23:1-8, 24:67)

A message of hope (Jer 30, 31, 32, 33, 34)

What an extraordinary situation!


  • Which Book should Jeremiah write in? (Jer 30:2)

Write! Means it is fixed before God, and certain to be fulfilled.

Lo, the days come.  Which days are in view here? (Jer 30:3)


  • I will bring again the captivity of My people? (Jer 30:3)

Who are My people Israel and Judah?

Are there two groups of people?


  • Who will cause them to return? Cyrus? (Jer 30:3)

What is the land that I gave to their fathers?

Who are the fathers?


  • Again Israel and Judah (Jer 30:4)

How does the Gospel message begin? (Jer 30:5-6)

What is the spiritual meaning of “a woman in travail”?

What is Jacob’s trouble? (Jer 30:7)


  • It shall come to pass in that day?  What day is that? (Jer 30:8)

Whose yoke?  From off whose neck?

And will break whose bonds?

Remember Hananiah?


  • Whom shall serve themselves no more of whom? (Jer 30:8-9)

Whom do these strangers represent?

What point in time does this “no more” refer to?


  • Who are “they” who serve the LORD their God?

How does David get into this word picture?

Does the Bible teach reincarnation?