Jer 31:3ff 3/16/2003

The historical background for Jer 30 was the promise of the return of the captives from Babylon.

The spiritual meaning of Jer 30 was that it applies to the conversion of the saints in the NT time.

  • Jer 31 is a continuation of Jer 30, both historically and spiritually.

What is the meaning of, (Lit) "The Lord hath appeared from far unto me"? (Jer 31:3)

Does God's everlasting love apply to Jeremiah only? (Deut 7:7-9, 10:15)

How does this verse apply to us? (Psalm 103:17, Isa 45:17, II Thes 2:13-14, John 6:44)

Is this interpretation strengthened by, (Lit) "Therefore with mercy have I drawn thee"?

What is mercy? What is grace?


  • What is God going to build? (Jer 31:4, 1:10, Amos 9:11, Acts 15:16)

Why does God say: "O virgin of Israel"? (Rev 19:7-9)

What are tabrets?


        What has planting vineyards upon the mountains of Israel have to do with anything? (Jer 31:5, Isa 65:21-24)

Who are the watchmen on Mount Ephraim? (Jer 31:6)

I thought the Samaritans lived there? (II Kings 17:5-8, 22-34, 40-41, Ezek 36;1, 8-10, 22-24)

And what has Zion to do with it? (Isa 40:9, 52:7-8, Zeph 3:13-17)


  • Historically, who did they think was "the remnant of Israel"? (Jer 31:7)

But who, in God's eyes, are really "the remnant of Israel"? (Joel 2:32)

Why would they sing and be glad "for Jacob"? (Micah 2:12)

Why should they "Shout among the chief of the Gentiles"?

In whose estimation were they "chief"?

Hear ye, praise ye, and say (within your heart) "O Lord, save Thy people".


  • Who is God going to bring from the North Country and from the coasts of the earth? (Jer 31:8)

Four categories: Blind, Lame, Pregnant woman and Woman in labor, are people incapacitated from making such a journey, in order to show that salvation is entirely by the activity of God

Jer 23:5-8, 29:12-14, Psalm 107:1-3, Isa 43:5-7, Ezek 34:11-16, Matt 12:18-21, Isa 42:1-4.

Historically who is in view with "a great company"?

Spiritually who is in view with "a great company"?

They "shall return thither"? Where is that?