Jeremiah Part 10


Where is it written? (2 Cor.3:3)

Why can it not be forgotten?

No sacrifice can remove it.


Altars of Baal and of Asherim (Asherahs) (Ex. 34:12-14)

Where? Upon the high places.


To whom does God give all their wealth and their treasures?

To whom does God give all their high places?


Where is “the land which thou knowest  not”? (Jer. 7:20)

Why is God so angry? (Deut.28:47-52)


Do not trust the wisdom of man. (Psalm 146:3, Isa. 30:1, 31:3)

Do not trust a leader who has been trustworthy for 40 years.

What does it lead up to? Departing from the Lord.


Where are the parched places in the wilderness? (Jer. 48:6-8)

What is a salt land? (Deut. 29:22-25)


What does it mean “to trust in the Lord”? (Psalm 34:8, 84:11-12)

Our confidence is the Lord (Not in the Lord)


He shall not be worried when the year of drought comes.

Contrasting faiths bear contrasting fruits.

He will not cease from bearing fruit (Psalm 1:3, 92:12-15)