Jeremiah Part 11

And it is incurable (desperately wicked) (Jer 15:18, 30:12)

Who can know it? (Eccl 9:3, Matt 13:15, Rom 1:21-23)


He shall give every man according to his ways. What shall He give?

He shall give every man according to the fruit of his doings. What shall He give?


The fruit of his doings, his wealth, shall go to someone else

He shall die like a fool, and end up in Hell.


Where is our only sanctuary?

Why is it from the beginning? (Jer 14:21)


Jehovah, the God who saves: the only hope of Israel, the fountain of living waters.

They shall be written in the earth, as opposed to those who are written in heaven (Luke 10:20)


Save me, O Lord. But who does the saving? (Psalm 54:1)

Thou art my praise, because of Thy irresistable grace (Deut 10:20-21)


And I have not hurried away from shepherding after Thee (Jer 17:16)

And I have not desired the incurable day. When is that day? (Amos 5:18)

Thou knowest, the going forth of my lips was before Thy face.


Let my persecutors be ashamed, but let not me be ashamed (Jer 17:18)

Let them be terrified, but let not me be terrified (Psalm 35:4,26)

Break them with a second breaking. When? (Jer 20:11)