Jeremiah Part 12


And proclaim it also to the kings of Judah (Jer. 17:20)


And do not bring it in by the gates of Jerusalem for the sake of your souls.


But they obeyed Me not (Jer.17:23)


(Jer. 17:25)




Do kings habitually carry burdens on the Sabbath Day? (Jer.17:22)


Would it not have been a disaster if Jerusalem had continued to exist?


Why did God promise that they would exist “forever”, if He plans to end it all at Judgment Day?


What was the Sabbath Day pointing to? (Ex.20:11, Deut.5:15)

Why is the Sabbath Day in the 10 Commandments? (Deut.5:2-3, Matt.22:35-40)

I am the Lord that doth sanctify you (Ex.31:13)

The wickedness of Israel was (and is) that they violated this principle.