Jeremiah Part 13



Does God not know the end from the beginning? (Isa 46:9-13)

Then why does God speak in this fashion in Jer 18:7-10?

The Gospel call goes out into the entire world.


God designed churches as He sees fit (II Tim 2:20-21)


God is still speaking in verse 12.

What does God hear them say in verse 12?

What does God see them do? (Jer 18:13-17)


Is this the response of a Saint or of a Prophet? (Jer 18:19-23)


Take them to the notorious Valley of the son on Hinnom (Tophet)

Why there? (Jer 7:29-32)

Confront them with their sins (II Chron 28:1-3, 33:1,2,5, Jer 15:4)


God will break them like a potter’s vessel (Jer 19:10-13, I Sam 2:10)

What does it mean to be buried in Tophet? (Isa 30:33)

Gehenna (from “ge-ben-hinnom”) (Matt 5:22,29-30, 10:28, 18:9, 23:15,33, and more)