Jeremiah Part 14


  Pashur = Freedom, Magor-missabib = Terror on every side (Jer 20:1-2)

Pashur, what have you done? You have smitten the prophet of God (Gen 12:3)

Pashur prophesied lies (Jer 20:3-6).  What lies?


  Lord, Thou hast enticed me (to be a prophet) (Jer 20:7, 1:6)

Therefore I am in derision daily (Jer 20:8, 6:10)

Does that in any way apply to us?


  His Word was in my heart as a burning fire (Jer 20:9)

I became weary of holding in, and I could not prevail

Does that in any way apply to us?


  I heard the slanders of many.  Tell us and we will tell it (Jer 20:10)

They were waiting for my stumbling.

But did God allow him to stumble?


  The Lord is my defender.  Therefore they shall stumble (Jer 20:11)

Their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.

Let me see Thy vengeance on them (Jer 20:12, 11:20)

Is that the response of a saint, or of a prophet?


  The Lord is with me as a mighty and terrible One (Jer 20:11)

Sing unto the Lord, for He has delivered the soul of the poor (Jer 20:13)

Out of whose hand did God deliver him (or us)?


  Was Jeremiah depressed (Jer 20:14-18)

Or was he complaining about his future sufferings?

Did he deserve this treatment?

Compare this with Job (Job3:3-6, 10,11,16,20)

How do we deal with self-pity?