Jeremiah Part 16   Three Parables



  1. Jer 21:13-14          Chapter 21 begins with the King sending a delegate to Jeremiah.

In verse 3 God begins to answer king Zedekiah: A devastating reply.  Why?

In Chapter 22 God addresses each one of the other three kings succeeding Josiah.

Wedged in between these prophecies against the four kings is this parable against Jerusalem. 

They thought the LORD would be with them forever (Psalm 125:2)

They thought that they had an impregnable fortress (Lam 4:12)

Have they, by their wickedness, driven God out of their city?

If God be for us, who can be against us?  But if God be against us, who can be for us?

God came back not only as an enemy, not only as a judge, but also as a consuming fire.

Jerusalem had become like a forest in which God will kindle a fire.



  1. Ezek 15:1-8   Again, fire in a forest:  What is a vine tree? Is a fruit tree in a forest?

Who is compared to a vine tree in a forest?

The wild vine is an empty vine. (Hos 10:1) It is no good for any work.  Therefore..

It started out as His pleasant plant (Isa 5:7)

Like the salt that has lost its saltness (Mark 9;49-50)

Is bearing fruit a necessity for Christians? (John 15:1-6)

The Lord has made all things for Himself,…..(Prov 16:4)

God says: “I will set My face against them”, to oppose all their counsels

Have they set their faces against God to oppose His Word?

God shows Himself to be the Lord by perfecting the destruction of His enemies, as well as in the deliverance of His people.


  1. Ezek 20:45-48   Again, fire in a forest: What does the forest of the south field represent?

This is where chapter 21 should have started:  Judah and Jerusalem shall be destroyed.

The historical judgment on Judah and Jerusalem is a type of the last judgment on the world.

People are represented as a wood of trees, empty of fruit.

A forest is put in opposition to a fruitful field (Isa 32:15)

Those that should have been as the garden of the Lord, had become like a forest.

A fire of God’s own kindling: The breath of the Lord is as a stream of ….(Isa 30:33)

Even the green trees shall be devoured by this fire.

All faces = all that cover the face of the earth, from the South to the North.

The fire shall not be quenched, means: ….?  All flesh shall see it.

Watch the people’s reflection, and the prophet’s complaint.