Jeremiah, Part 17

Who are the four kings?

Why is God speaking to the kings as if He was addressing the nation? (Jer 21:12-14, 22:2,6)


What is the result of such "discernment"? (Jer 22:4)

Who are the kings sitting upon the throne of David? (Jer 22:4, Eph 2:6)


But they will not hear (Jer 22:6)

Where is Gilead? Where is Lebanon?

Who is on the throne? Who calls the shots? (Luke 1:32)

What is the danger of taking one of these verses out of context?


Why does God name them "choice cedars"?

Do the many nations represent anything? (Jer 22:8-9)


But weep for whom? Why?

What is his native country?


Who is Shallum? (I Chron 3:15)

What happened to Jehoahaz? (Jer 22:13-17) Why?


Where is Bashan? Where is Lebanon? (Jer 22:20-23)

I spake unto thee in thy prosperity, but .


Wherefore are they cast out? (Jer 22:28, 48:38)

Was this man childless? (Jer 22:29-30)