Jeremiah, Part 22

Stealing words from whom? (Copycats)

Stealing whose words? How can that be?


Using their tongues to say what?

Also remember Jer 23:17


How would we compare that with our time?

What reference do we use for that?


They declare that it came from God

What results do they have with such lies? (Jer 23:32)

Do people like what they are hearing? (Jer 5:31)


All these they claim to be messages from God

Did God send them? (Jer 23:21,32)

What does God mean with: "they shall not profit this people at all"?

Who is going to be successful?


Is the Law of God a "burden"? (Ref . )

Why is there such a great penalty for calling the Word of God a "burden"?

Why is the penalty even extended to his household?


Why shall every man's word be his burden? (Ref .. )

How have they perverted the words of the living God?

To whom is God speaking in verse 39?

What is the meaning of "an everlasting reproach and a perpetual shame"?