Jeremiah, Part 23


What are his two other names? (Refs ..?)

First understand the historical and geographical background at this point in time.


Name those three and where is it found in the Bible? (Refs .. ?)

But there were at least four groups of captives.

Where in the Bible are those four groups? (Refs ..?)


Why were these two baskets of figs set before the temple? (Jer 24:1)

What is the "fig tree" representing?

The Hebrew word for "fig" and for "fig tree" is the same word


Is this pointing at the "firstfruits"?

Who in the Bible are the "firstfruits"? (Ref ..?)

And one basket of very "evil" figs

Which could not be eaten "from badness"

What seest thou Jeremiah? (Jer 24:3)

He speaks only what has been revealed