Jeremiah Part 3                                                                                                                                    8/12/2001


*   The Biblical principles:



*   Who is Israel after the cross? (Rom 9:6-8 , Gal 6:15-16 , Eph 2:11-16 , Phil 3:3)

Who is Judah after the cross? (Rom 2:25,28-29)

What is the Promised Land after the cross? (Matt 5:5 , Eph 6:1-3)

What is Jerusalem after the cross? (Gal 4:24-26)

What is Zion after the cross? Heb 12:22-24)



*   There are no real “backsliders” from the Christian faith.  People who live like the Devil cannot claim that they are saved through their “faith”.  What you believe affects the way you live.

Principle:  Perseverance of the Saints.  (John 10:27-30 , 1 John 2:3-6)



*   God calls to turn to Him in faith (Jer 3:1-5)

God uses an example from the O.Testament Ceremonial Law (Deut 24:1-4)



*   “Backsliding Israel”.  Who is God speaking about? (Jer 3:6-10)

Who does God call “her treacherous sister”?

The Bible is written for today.

Who do Israel and Judah represent?



*   God’s forgiveness is still available.  (Isa 55:6-9)

God calls to turn to Him in repentance  (Jer 3:11-14)



*   This is the N.Testament era (Jer 3:15-19)

Apply what you have learned from the N.Testament



*   God’s accusation (Jer 3:20-22)

But God still holds out forgiveness.



*   This is the response of His elect (Jer 3:23-25)