Jeremiah Part 6



*   God does not lie.  We must harmonize Jer 9:23-24 with Jer 9:25-26

Consider God’s Lovingkindness, Judgment and Righteousness.

            Who is God about to destroy?



*   Read Jer 10:16 carefully.  Who is the former of all things?

Is Israel the tribe of His inheritance?

Who is Jehovah of the armies?



*   God chooses whom He will save (Jer 10:23)

Christ atoned for those whom He will save (Jer 10;24)

God knows that the heathen will overrun the church (Jer 10:25)

Why does God use the word “families”?



*   Cursed be the man that obeyeth not the words of this covenant (Jer 11:1-8)

Who does obey the words of this covenant?

They have broken my covenant. (Jer 11:9-10)

Therefore, what is the evil that God brings upon them? (Jer 11:11-13)



*   Again, pray not thou for this people (Jer 11:14)



*   Why doth the way of the wicked prosper? (Jer 12:1)

The wicked are they that deal treacherously.  What is the meaning of  ‘treacherously’?

God has planted them (Jer 12:2)

How long, O Lord? (Jer 12:3-4)



*   Don’t complain.  You have seen nothing yet. (Jer 12:5)

Your own family is against you. (Jer 12:6)



*   I have forsaken mine house, mine heritage (Jer 12:7-9)



*   Many pastors have destroyed My vineyard (Jer 12:10-13)



*   But I will protect My inheritance (Jer 12:14-17)