Jeremiah Part 8


·        Entire chapter 14 are acted out messages from God

God sent a draught (Jer 14:1-6)  Why?

The word <8577> “dragons” must be replaced by “serpents” (28X)


·        A dialog between God and Jeremiah:

Jeremiah’s intercession (Jer 14:7-9)

What do we do with Jeremiah’s wonderful description of Merciful God?


·        God’s answer: Pray not for this people (Jer 14:10-12)

Compare with Jer 7:16-18 and 11:13-14 and Rom 1:24,26,28

Why do we find so often in the Bible: the sword, the famine and the pestilence?


·        Jeremiah’s question: The prophets in the land preach a different message (Jer 14:13)

They are saying: “Peace, peace”, when there is no peace (Jer 6:14, 8;11)

They prophesied in their own godless authority.  Can we see that around us today?


Those prophets shall be consumed by the sword and by the famine. What does that mean?

They proclaim false visions, and false divinations, and false messages. What is false?


My people love to have it so (Jer 5:30-31, 23:16-17, 23:25-26)

God’s warning to us: Watch out whom you listen to! Their message must be tested!


God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezek 18:32, 33:11)

Spiritual misleaders are the ultimate in national disaster


Do we take this prayer as our example? Are we confessing God’s sovereignty over the circumstances of His people (V.19), confessing our sins and the sins of our fathers (V.20), pleading His name and His covenant (V.21), and praising the almightiness of the Lord (V.22)? 

God is indeed loving and merciful to His children. God’s answer is in chapter 15.