Jeremiah Part 9



·        God’s answer to Jeremiah’s prayer of intercession (Jer 15:1)

Moses interceded (Ex 32:11-14, Num 14:13-20)

Samuel interceded (1 Sam 7:7-10, 12:18-25)


Thou hast forsaken Me: I am weary with repenting (Jer 15:5-9)

Seven sons symbolized the height of prosperity (Ruth 4:15, Job 1:2, 42:13)


The Lord addresses Jeremiah (Jer 15:11)

The Lord addresses Judah (Jer 15:12-14)


What is so remarkable about verse 16?

The Lord’s answer (Jer 15:19-21). Is this a promise to all believers?


God is doing it (Jer 16:9)

Jerusalem has become like Babylon (Rev 18:23)


They have done worse than their fathers (Jer 16:11-13). They are doing what comes naturally

      What is this “land that ye know not”? No mercy!


They are called “the children of Israel”. Who is God speaking about?


How is God going to repay their iniquity double? Is God unfair?

They have polluted the land with the carcasses of idols


They shall know that My name is Jehovah, the God who saves (Ex 6:1-9)