A Biblical Study

Nehemiah 12-13

The Years of Return






TIMELINE - Nehemiah was governor in Jerusalem for 12 years (5:14); served from the 20th to the 32nd year of Persian King Artaxerses.


MALACHI - the last OT prophet to prophesy; lived during the time of Nehemiah and prophesied to the corrupt priests in Jerusalem during Nehemiahs absence.


CONTEND - (Heb. 7378) to toss or grapple; to defend

Spare Me According to the Greatness of thy Mercy


1.        At the time of Nehemiah, what was being done for the Levites and priests? (12:44)

         What was Judahs attitude toward the Levites and the priests that served?

2.        To what time were the days of Zerubbabel and Nehemiah compared? 1) Neh. 12:46 2) II Chron. 29:30


4.        What did Nehemiah have to do for a short period of time? (13:6)

5.        Who had been put in charge of the chambers of portions? (13:4)

         With whom was he in alliance?

6.        Where did the priest allow Tobiah to live? (13:7)

7.        What happened during this time? (13:10)

8.        How did Nehemiah fix the problem? 1) - 13:8 2) - 13:13

9.        What did Nehemiah ask of God once he had done this? (13:14) ______________ me, O my God, ...wipe not out my _________ deeds

10.     What else did Nehemiah see had gone wrong in his absence? (13:15)

11.     How did Nehemiah fix this problem? 1) 13:19 - 2) 13:22 -

12.     What did Nehemiah ask of God once he had done this? (13:22) ____________ me, O my God, concerning this also, and ________ me according to the greatness of thy ____________.

13.     What else had gone wrong in Nehemiahs absence? (13:23)

14.     How did Nehemiah respond? (13:25)

15.     What did Nehemiah ask of God? (13:31)


There Remaineth No More Sacrifice for Sins

1.        DISCUSS: Why do you think Nehemiah asked God each time to remember him for his good deeds? Consider: A) His arrogant sin nature came forth. B) He knew that Gods wrath was coming, and didnt want to experience it. C) He realized that he was still at Gods mercy no matter what work he had done. D) He saw that mankind was doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. E) Other:

2.        Does a persons good deeds even matter? Isaiah 64:6-7

3.        What can we assume Nehemiah realized about the depravity of man? Proverbs 26:11 Exodus 8:15

4.        From a spiritual perspective, how do the people of Judah represent those within the church?

5.        What warning is there for those who know the truth and continue to walk away from it? Hebrews 10: 26-29 II Peter 2:20-22

6.        REFLECT: Should we pray as Nehemiah, Remember me, O God?






As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool return to his folly. -Proverbs 26:11




   Pray that God will spare us according to His mercy.

   Pray that we may remain faithful in our obedience to God.

   Pray that we may not return to our vomit as the fool returns to his folly.




END of the Years of Return series. Possible review to follow.


Next series (Lord willing) The Teachings of Christ