A Biblical Study

The Years of Return

Nehemiah 4




SANBALLAT - (Assyr. Sin-uballit, the god Sin has given life); a Horonite, a man of Bethoron; an influential Samaritan who tried unsuccessfully to keep the walls from being built (4:1ff) and to assassinate Nehemiah (6:5-14); his daughter married into the family of Eliashib during the time of annulment of mixed marriages forbidden by Law (13:28); he was governor of Samaria.


WALL (Heb. 2346) - a wall of protection


CONTEMPT (Heb.937) - despised, shamed.


Be Ye Not Afraid of Them, Remember the Lord



1.        What was Sanballats response when he found out the Jews were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem? (4:1)

2.        How did Nehemiah handle it? (vs. 4-5)

         How does human nature want to respond once jeered at?

3.        What did the opponents of Judah plan to do when they heard the walls were being restored? (4:8)

4.        Did the people of Judah think they could continue to build? (4:10)

5.        What did Nehemiah plan to do? (4:13)

6.        What did Nehemiah say to the people? (4:14) Be not ye ____________ of them: remember the ______________, which is ____________ and ____________, and ___________ for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses.

7.        In 4:15 we read, God had brought their counsel to nought. What does this mean?

8.        What fraction worked, and what fraction defended while they worked? (4:16)

9.        Since the distance between the defenders on the wall was so great, what would be sounded as a warning of attack? (4:20)

         What was Nehemiahs sure confidence?


         Why the sound of the trumpet? 1) Ex. 19:12-13 2) Ps. 47:1-5 3) Zeph. 1:14-16 4) Matt. 24:30-31

10.     How long did the people work to defend the city and rebuild the walls? (4:21)



They Will Also Persecute You

1.        REVIEW: What kind of spiritual walls need defending? 1) Isaiah 26:1-2 ___________________ 2) Matthew 16:18 ___________________ 3) Nehemiah 4:14 ___________________

2.        READ a prayer similar to Nehemiahs, written by David: Psalm 123:3-4

3.        What kind of contempt do we face while defending the wall?

1) Proverbs 18:3

2) Psalm 31:17-18

         Why should we expect contempt? 1) Isaiah 53:3 2) John 15:20

4.        Who does the defending?

         Zachariah 12:8

         Nehemiah 4:20

5.        DISCUSS: How do we rebuild and/or defend the walls to a Christian home?

         For how long?




Offer unto God thanksgiving and pay thy vows unto the Most High:

And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shall glorify me. -Psalm 50:14-15


Pray that God will help us defend the spiritual walls we must build around our family.


NEXT WEEK Read Nehemiah 5-6 for the study.